EFRS Personnel Participate in Regional ExtricationTraining – click this title to see more

Eldorado Fire and Rescue members, along with volunteers from Hondo, Glorietta, and Galisteo, completed 24 hours of Extrication Training May 13-16, 2010. Extrication is the process of removing an entrapped patient from a wrecked car. During the weekend training, trainees cut up 10 vehicles as they practiced Extrication skills. Click each of these photos to enlarge them. […]

EFRS Trains Day and Night to be Ready – Click this title to see more

EFRS Firefighters and Medical staff train regularly so they will be ready when called upon. Training occurs every Wednesday night and Saturday morning. In the following photographs, Firefighters are training at night to use a Monitor. A Monitor is a standalone device used to provide and continuous stream of water to a building that is on […]

Fireplace Ashes- Don’t Let this Happen to You!

Every year, hundreds of houses are damaged or destroyed and lives are disrupted or lost because of the improper disposal of fireplace ashes.The attached pictures are from a fire in another city  caused by ashes left in the garage and thought to be out, but the same thing can happen here in El Dorado if you […]

Kindergartners Visit the Fire Department (click this title to see more)

In an effort to make children feel comfortable and not be scared of firemen and women in their fire suits,  and to promote fire safety in the home, 100 of Eldorado Elementary School’s Kindergartners paid a visit to the Eldorado Fire and Rescue Station 1 on November 5. They participated in discussions and demonstrations of fireman personal protective […]

Pre-kindergarten Children Visit EFRS (click this title to see more)

A group of about 20 Pre-K children visited the EFRS Station 1 on October  23. They were treated to demos of firefighter equipment such as the Med 3 medical unit and Engine 5, and they got to see up close what a firefighter looks and sounds like when he/she has donned their protective equipment. The highlight of this […]

Halloween on Verano Loop 2009 (click this title to see more)

Tradition was upheld again this year as the Eldorado Fire and Rescue Service participated in the annual Trick or Treat event on Verano Loop in Eldorado. EFRS was there with their Med 3 Ambulance and E731 wildland/structure attack engine along with six members and a whole lot of candy to give away. Here are a […]

Annual EFRS BBQ (Click this title to see more)

The 2009 annual EFRS Open House and BBQ was held on September 20. A crowd estimated at over 700 Eldorado residents converged on station 1 between Noon and 4:30 PM. They listened to great music by local artist Lisa Carmen, ate great burgers and dogs cooked on site by RealBurger, and climbed around on all the cool fire trucks. The […]

Santa Fe Fire Department Day of Rememberance 09/11/2009 (click this title to see the video)

The Santa Fe Fire Department, accompanied by fire departments from the area, participated in a Day of Rememberance for those who died on September 11, 2001 in New York City. The El Dorado Fire and Rescue Service participated with personnel and Tower 1. Click this link to view a video of this event:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQawBivdJZI

Annual El Dorado July 4th Parade – 2009 (click this title to see more)

Once again this year, El Dorado held its annual July 4th parade. As is the tradition, there were adults, children, horses, decorated wagons and pets in the parade. Also as is the tradition, The El Dorado Fire and Rescue Service and County Med 80 provided vehicles to lead off the parade. The Hondo Volunteer Fire Department also […]

Annual Hose Testing (click this title to see pictures of this annual event)

Every year  in the spring, members  of the El Dorado Fire and Rescue Service  take the time to pressure test all of its supply (5-inch) and attack (various smaller sizes) hoses. Hoses are attached to a pump and pressurized to a prescribed pressure. Hoses with leaks are either repaired or retired. This process helps guarantee  that the EFRS […]

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