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Annual EFRS BBQ (Click this title to see more)

The 2009 annual EFRS Open House and BBQ was held on September 20. A crowd estimated at over 700 Eldorado residents converged on station 1 between Noon and 4:30 PM. They listened to great music by local artist Lisa Carmen, ate great burgers and dogs cooked on site by RealBurger, and climbed around on all the cool fire trucks. The kids played in the jump houses, climbed mountains, rode in a bike rodeo, and learned about fire safety. And, everyone got a hug from Smokey. Good times provided by the EFRS.  Photos provided by Lamai Howard and Diane Pinter.

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 img_2777-2.jpg img_2758-2.jpg img_2761-2.jpg 

img_2765-2.jpg img_2766-2.jpg img_2768-2.jpg 

   img_2808-2.jpg img_2772-2.jpg img_2794-2.jpg img_2804-2.jpg

img_2811-3.jpg img_2813-2.jpg img_2825-2.jpg

img_2827-2.jpg img_2832-2.jpg img_2835-2.jpg

img_2839-2.jpg img_2842-2.jpg img_2855-2.jpg 

img_2865-2.jpg img_2872-2.jpg img_2894-2.jpg

 img_2900-2.jpg img_2759-2.jpg img_2763-2.jpg

img_2769-2.jpg img_2775-2.jpg img_2778-2.jpg

img_2869-2.jpg p1040369-2.JPG  p1040373-2.JPG    p1040375-2.JPGimg_2892-2.jpg

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