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Annual El Dorado July 4th Parade – 2009 (click this title to see more)

Once again this year, El Dorado held its annual July 4th parade. As is the tradition, there were adults, children, horses, decorated wagons and pets in the parade. Also as is the tradition, The El Dorado Fire and Rescue Service and County Med 80 provided vehicles to lead off the parade. The Hondo Volunteer Fire Department also participated. The parade wound its way along Ave. Del Monte Alto from Ave. Vista Grande to the Community Center.  The parade was followed by socializing at the Community Center. Photos courtesy of Diane Pinter. Click image to enlarge.  p1040123-2.JPG  p1040124-2.JPG  p1040125-2.JPG  p1040127-2.JPG p1040128-2.JPG  p1040129-2.JPG p1040130-2.JPG  p1040131-2.JPG p1040132-2.JPG  p1040133-2.JPG  p1040134-2.JPG  p1040136-2.JPG p1040137-2.JPG   p1040138-2.JPG  p1040142-2.JPG  p1040148-2.JPG p1040150-2.JPG

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