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EFRS Responds to Structure and Wildland Fires in June and July (Click this title to see more)

June and July were busy months for the El Dorado Fire and Rescue Service in terms of fires. In this time, they responded to two wildland fires, two structure fires, and a vehicle fire. The wildland fires were fought near US285 a few miles from Clines Corners. Both fires were fought by members of many fire districts from the area including EFRS. EFRS members were instrumental in keeping these fires manageble. In one fire, they literally chased the head of the wind-driven  fire with their E731 wildland engine at over 20 miles per hour over rough ground. They caught the fire head and stopped it in its tracks. In the other  fire, fought at night, over 3000 acres were burned, and EFRS managed and doused the East and South flanks. No pictures are available for these fires.  In addition, two structure fires occured in Eldorado: one in a garage and one on a back portal. EFRS members arrived and doused the flames in a matter of minutes saving further fire damage. See a few pictures below. Finally, a pickup truck  was criminally ignited near the Eldorado Transfer Station.The flames were high and threatened a massive dump of dry wood chips.Quick action by EFRS members prevented  a vehicle fire from becoming a major land fill fire. Click images to enlarge.


p1010188-2.JPG p1010198-2.JPG p1010202-2.JPG p1010207-2.JPG p1010220-2.JPG

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