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Fireplace Ashes- Don’t Let this Happen to You!

Every year, hundreds of houses are damaged or destroyed and lives are disrupted or lost because of the improper disposal of fireplace ashes.The attached pictures are from a fire in another city  caused by ashes left in the garage and thought to be out, but the same thing can happen here in El Dorado if you do not follow safe ash disposal guidelines.

fire_on_aspen_0041.jpg fire_on_aspen_0051.jpg 

1. Fireplace ashes can remain dangerous for 2 or 3 days after the fire is thought to be "out".

2. Place the ashes in a METAL BUCKET, NOT a plastic bucket, NOT a cardboard box, NOT a paper sack.

3. Remove them from the house and douse with water.

4. Do not pour the ashes into a garden area or under trees.

5. Test the ashes with your hands to be sure they are cold and "dead out". If in doubt, use more water and wait a few more days.

6. Then dispose of them.  

7. If your fireplace has a clean out hole, it is OK to push the ashes down thru this hole after the fireplace has been unused for 3 days.

Don’t be a victim of something you have full control over!

One more thing: Open the Flue before lighting your fireplace. Check it. Do not assume it is open.


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