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Pre-kindergarten Children Visit EFRS (click this title to see more)

A group of about 20 Pre-K children visited the EFRS Station 1 on October  23. They were treated to demos of firefighter equipment such as the Med 3 medical unit and Engine 5, and they got to see up close what a firefighter looks and sounds like when he/she has donned their protective equipment. The highlight of this educational field trip occured when the kids witnessed a demo of hose technique (aka squirting water)  and they also were allowed to climb around on the equipment. Click these images to enlarge them.   

dsc06071-2.JPG dsc06073-2.JPG dsc06076-2.JPG dsc06081-2.JPG dsc06087-2.JPG dsc06085-2.JPG dsc06078-2.JPG dsc06048-2.JPGdsc06189-2.JPG


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