Bedroom Fire Safety

Helps You Sleep Soundly at Night Help Download Each year, fire claims the lives of 4,000 Americans and injures approximately 20,000. Bedrooms are a common area of fire origin. Nearly 600 lives are lost to fires that start in bedrooms. Many of these fires are caused by misuse or poor maintenance of electrical devices, such […]

Smoking & Fire Safety

Install a smoke alarm on every level of your home. Test smoke alarm batteries every month and change them at least once a year. Consider installing a 10-year lithium battery-powered smoke alarm, which is sealed so it cannot be tampered with or opened. Never smoke in bed. Replace mattresses made prior to the 1973 Federal […]

Electrical Fire Safety

A Factsheet on Home Electrical Fire Prevention Help Download Electrical fires in our homes claim the lives of 485 Americans each year and injure 2,305 more. Some of these fires are caused by electrical system failures and appliance defects, but many more are caused by the misuse and poor maintenance of electrical appliances, incorrectly installed […]

Heating Fire Safety

The high cost of home heating fuels and utilities have caused many Americans to search for alternate sources of home heating. The use of wood burning stoves is growing and space heaters are selling rapidly, or coming out of storage. Fireplaces are burning wood and man made logs. All these methods of heating may be […]

Residential Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler Systems in Industry Residential Sprinkler Myths and Facts Have you ever heard someone say “If one sprinkler head goes off, they all go off.” or “The sprinklers may go off accidentally.”? Read the facts behind these myths about residential sprinklers. Learn More Schools, office buildings, factories, and other commercial buildings have benefited from fire […]

Escape Planning

More than 4,000 Americans die each year in fires, and approximately 20,000 are injured. Deaths resulting from failed emergency escapes are particularly avoidable. The United States Fire Administration (USFA) believes that having a sound escape plan will greatly reduce fire deaths and protect you and your family’s safety if a fire occurs. Have a Sound […]

Smoke Alarms

Protect Yourself and Your Family Today! In the event of a fire, properly installed and maintained smoke alarms will provide an early warning alarm to your household. This alarm could save your own life and those of your loved ones by providing the chance to escape. Why Should My Home Have Smoke Alarms? In the […]

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